Ole Rogowski, *1983

I have probably fished my entire life. One of my earliest memories is of me fishing and I remember this first fish I caught like it was yesterday. My grandpa took me to a body of water that was more a puddle than a lake and after countless hours (that’s at least how it felt to this eager little boy I was back then) I saw the float move, I lifted the pole and the fight began… it was a stinky bream, but the soup my grandma made from it was one of the best things I have ever eaten.


In the following years I was chasing pike, eel, cod and everything else with fins in all possible ways, until a fly rod passed my way. Since then I’m fishing almost exclusively with the fly and preferably for trout, but all other fish are still not save when I’m around. So far the search for the perfect fish brought me to Scandinavia (catching arctic char, enormous lake trout and Atlantic salmon), New Zealand (fishing for trophy brownies) and North America (doing the pacific grand slam). And the hunt is far from being over!

Besides my fishing I studied Sociology, Politics and History, but home is where the heart is (and of course fish!)


Simon Stäblein, *1984


I grew up in Bavaria in the South of Germany. Here is where I learned fly fishing and that’s where I started my career as a  professional fisherman. I firstly participated in an apprenticeship as a local salmonid farmer, raising native fish species in a sustainable way. After this practical working phase I went to Berlin passed a bachelor program in natural science and enrolled subsequently in the master program “Fishery Science” at Humboldt University. Topic of my master thesis: the reintroduction of Atlantic Salmon in Germany. During my bachelor I used to study in Idaho for several months. Besides several countries in Europe I traveled along the whole western U.S. coast from Alaska down to Mexico …only fly fishing!

I am a full-time fly fishing instructor and fly fishing guide. I like Berlin because it never sleeps and it’s a unique place to discover new ways of fly fishing. Come and join me and I ‘ll show you a great world of fly fishing you have never seen before!