Fly Fishing Courses


Are you interested in a fly fishing course? Then you are exactly right here! We offer fly fishing group courses in German language- and individual fly fishing courses in English language, on various locations all over Germany! Our courses comprise a comprehensive pack of theoretical introduction combined with practical casting- and fishing lessons. So basically all you need to be set and ready to go fly fishing!

We offer 3 different types of fly fishing courses

Basic fly fishing course
(fly fishing group course in German language)

Within 2 days you will receive a profound introduction into all major aspects of fly fishing (tackle, flies, casting, etc). Our basic fly fishing courses are offered in the following cities:

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Wuppertal (close to Cologne), Brandenburg (close to Berlin).

Our basic fly fishing courses are offered on regular dates. Just write us a quick email to receive our upcoming course dates in your area!


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fly fishing beginner course

Individual fly fishing course
(English- or German language possible)

This course offers you an exclusive 1:1 tutoring ratio! In the individual fly fishing course you will be introduced into all essentials of fly fishing, in just 1 day! Your personal FLYRUS guide adapts the course right to your demand. If not otherwise desired, they will give you an overview of the most important fly fishing tackle, introduce you to the most important fly patterns and teach you the basics of fly casting.

Course location and dates are always set individually – so just write us an email (mentioning your preferred course dates- and location) and we ll forward you a concrete offer.

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German fly fishing course

Fly tying courses
(group- and individual courses possible)

In this course, we will teach you how to create your own fly fishing “lures“ – the so called flies! Our fly tying courses are either offered as German group course -or individual English course. And of course: all your self-tied flies can be kept after the course.

Just write us a quick email to receive the upcoming dates for our fly tying group course in your area – or request an individual tying course in English language.


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You are not new to fly fishing but rather look for a guided fly fishing trip in Germany? No worries, HERE is what you are looking for!
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