guided daily fishing trips

Are you interested in a day of guided fly fishing in Germany?
FLYRUS offers professional fly fishing guidings at numerous locations all over Germany!

Our mission is to create an unforgettable fly fishing day for you! Our guides are well trained fly fishers and laid back guys! They can help you with everything: fishing licenses, rental equipment, pick up services – depending on whatever you need! Just let us know what you need and we do our best, to take care of it!

Trout & grayling fly fishing in the lowland rivers around Berlin

Laid back fly fishing close to Berlin for trout and grayling.
Explore the unique lowland rivers of Brandenburg and enjoy a special fly fishery, which-like you have probably never seen before!


Our trout season lasts from 16th of April – 15th of October.

Grayling season from 1st of June – 30th of November.


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fly fishing in Germany

Grayling fly fishing in Germany

trout fly fishing in Germany

fly fishing Germany


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Pike fly fishing in the Berlin vicinity

Have you ever caught a pike/musky on a fly?
This guiding offers you adventurous fly fishing for ferocious predators in the wilderness of Brandenburg. Breathtaking streamer attacks and decent sized fish is what you ll encounter here.


Pike season in Brandenburg lasts from 1st of April – 31st of January.

Best seasons: around April – May & September – December

pike fly fishing Germany

pike fly fishing Germany

Pike fly fishing in Germany

pike fishing Germany, fly fishing

fly fishing Germany pike fly fishing

fly fishing Germany, pike

Urban fly fishing in Berlin (downtown)

During our urban guiding, you have the chance to fly fish in the utmost bizarre sceneries!
Either next to the famous Berlin electronic music clubs (which massage your guts …while you are elegantly casting your fly line) or along massive concrete walls – here you will fly fish right in the heart of the German capital. An adventure you will never forget!
Our primary targeted fish species here are asp (aka River Tarpon), perch, bream, ide and other cyprinidic fish species.

Urban fly fishing is best from spring to autumn.

fly fishing Berlin, Fly Fishing Germany

Berlin fly fishing, fly fishing Germany, urban fly fishing

fly fishing Germany, fly fishing berlin, urban fly fishing

Fly Fishing Berlin, Urban Fishing, fly fishing Germany

fly fishing Berlin, urban fly fishing


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Trout & grayling fly fishing in Bavaria 

Are you planing your vacation in Bavaria or are you heading for a business trip to Munich? So why shall you not fly fish in Bavarians most scenic locations for 1 or 2 days?!
We grant you exclusive access to Bavarian most sought after fly fishing stretches and organise you everything you need for a superb fly fishing experience!


Bavarian trout season lasts from 1st of March – 14th of December

Bavarian grayling season lasts from 1st of May – 31st of December


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fly fishing Bavaria, fly fishing in Munich

Fly fishing Bavaria, fly fishing munich

fly fishing munich fly fishing Germany

fly fishing in Germany, Bavaria

fly fishing fraenkische schweiz, franconian switzerland

Guiding conditions 

Included are:
– a minimum of 5 hours of fishing
(…our guides don’t fish themselves – but will guide you a 100%)

Optional services (include additional costs):
– rental equipment
– pick up service
– licenses

Guiding rates

399,00 € per person
(You are 2 people?! Each additional guest receives a 50,00 € discount)


Please write us an email providing the following information:

1. Which guiding version would you like reserve:
⇒ guiding region (e.g. Berlin area, Bavaria) + target species (trout, pike, urban, etc.)

2. What’s your favourite guiding date?
⇒ …the more potential dates you tell us, the more likely we can confirm your favourite guiding-date

3. Additional questions:
⇒ Are you coming by car, or do you require a pick up service?
Please let us know, if you don’t have any fishing gear with you – so that we can ask the guide, if he can provide you with rental equipment.
In contrast to many other countries in the world, in Germany you normally require to pass a “fishing exam”, before you are allowed to go fishing here.
However, this so called “German Fischereischein” is not mandatory for foreign citizens, who have a permanent residency outside of Germany.
So apart from the regular fishing license, we can help all our foreign guests, to order a tourist-substitute for the “German Fischereischein” (so that you don’t have to pass the test). Please let us know, if you need such a “Fischereischein substitute” and we will let you know, what the approximate costs for it will be.

Once you have send us an email, we will answer you within 3 workdays.
As soon as we have settled all questions, we will send you a booking confirmation (plus invoice) and get you in touch with your personal guide.
For payment via regular bank transfer – no additional costs arise. If “Paypal” payment is desired, an additional cost of 20 € will be charged.

NOTE: please make sure to send us your favourite fishing dates as soon as possible (we are often booked several months in advance)

Are you looking for a more prolonged fly fishing adventure? Then you should check our several days lasting national & international fly fishing trips to premium fly fishing destinations.

Do you have further questions? Just write us an email or drop us a call: +49  160 8248792