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Guided fly fishing trips in Germany

Are you interested in a fly fishing guiding, in one of the many hidden regions in Germany?
FLYRUS offers you the greatest range of fly fishing guides and regions across Germany!

Our mission is to create an unforgettable fly fishing day for you! Our guides are highly skilled and experienced fly fishing guides with a laid back attitude! They can help you with all your needs: fishing licenses and permits, rental equipment, pick up services – depending on whatever you need! Just let us know your wishes and we will do our best to take care of it!

One important note:
Please make sure to send us your booking request as early as possible. Tourist fishing licences can take up to 2 weeks for the application process and we are often fully booked several months ahead.

Guiding conditions 

Included are:
– a minimum of 5 hours of fishing
(…our guides don’t fish themselves – but will guide you a 100%)

Optional services (at an additional cost):
– rental equipment
– pick up service
– fishing licenses & permits
– boat guidings

Guiding rates

399,00 € per person

You are 2 people?!
Each additional guest receives a 50,00 € discount.

Overview of the best fly fishing destinations in Germany

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Pike fly fishing on Rügen Island

Brown trout fly fishing in the Baltic Sea

Trout & pike fly fishing close to Berlin

Pike fly fishing near the German/Dutch boarder

Fly fishing in Thuringia

Trout fly fishing in Rhineland-Palatinate

Trout & barbel fly fishing in Luxembourg

Trout & grayling fly fishing in Franconia

Trout fly fishing in the Bavarian Forest

Trout & grayling fly fishing near Augsburg

Trout & Barbel fly fishing near Munich

Fly fishing Germany overview

Pike fly fishing on Rügen Island

Pike fly fishing on Rügen is a unique experience! Anglers from all over Germany travel to Rügen to fly fish. When pike fishing on Rügen, you fish in so-called “Bodden”, which are lagoons with a mixture of fresh and saltwater. In the Bodden lagoons, the pike grow to impressive sizes. Our fishing guides on Rügen are happy to accompany you on your first steps at the Bodden – ensuring that you will have an unforgettable fishing day!

Sea trout fishing in the Baltic Sea

Sea trout fishing is undoubtedly a captivating angling experience! Along the German Baltic coast, you’ll fish in the most beautiful regions that the Baltic Sea has to offer. Sea trout fishing is always a unique nature experience. But how do you regularly catch good sea trout? In our sea trout guidings, our guides will show you their best angling techniques so that you can fish for sea trout more successfully in the future!

Fly fishing in the region around Berlin

When fly fishing in Brandenburg (the state surrounding Berlin), you will fish in a fairytale-like landscape and experience a one of a kind fishing! Vast expanses of land, gentle hills, and idyllic villages are occasionally interrupted by picturesque streams, which inhabit trout and pike. Join us on our pike or trout fly fishing guidings in Brandenburg and let us show you, how to successfully fly fish in this area.

Pike fly fishing near the Dutch border

In the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia, along the border waters with Holland, you can fly fish for perch, pikeperch, and pike! We also offer predator fishing guidings from the boat (to ensure you enough casting space, we recommend boat guidings for one person only). Best time for boat guiding in Holland is from fall to spring. Note that for boat guiding, there is an additional cost of €90, which will be directly invoiced by the guide.

Fly fishing in Thuringia

Join us for fly fishing in Thuringia! Here you’ll find a great selection of fly fishing waters where we can teach you how to fly fish for grayling and brown trout. The fish in Thuringia bite primarily on nymphs and streamers, and in the summer, dry fly fishing is also popular.

Simply send us a booking request (including proposed dates), and we’ll sort out all the further details with you!

Fly fishing in Rhineland-Palatinate

When fly fishing in Rhineland-Palatinate, our fly fishing guides accompany you for a day on the water and share their best tips and tricks with you. In addition to brown trout, you can also catch other fish species here such as barbel, chub, or grayling. We have a great selection of guiding waters and are happy to accommodate your preferences.
Simply contact us, and we’ll discuss all further details.

Trout & barbel fishing in Luxembourg

Have you always wanted to learn the Czech Nymphing technique – and discover how to catch some really big fish with it? In our Luxembourg fly fishing guidings, you’ll find perfect conditions for just that! Right behind the German border, a highly productive trout river flows through Luxembourg, where you can catch a variety of exciting fish species… and via FLYRUS, you can book a guiding experience that you won’t soon forget!

Trout & grayling fishing in Franconia

Welcome to our guided fly fishing offers in Franconian Switzerland! Many anglers dream of fishing with a fly in this picturesque landscape. Whether targeting large brown trout or graceful grayling, fly fishing in the Franconian Switzerland is a unique experience for every angler!

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Trout fly fishing in the Bavarian Forest

Welcome to our fly fishing guidings in the Bavarian Forest! Join us for an unforgettable day of fly fishing, in this beautiful region where we’ll introduce you to the most beautiful areas of this landscape. Here we teach you the fly fishing techniques for trout, grayling – and even Danube salmon (hucho hucho) can be caught.
Book your unforgettable fishing day in the Bavarian Forest now!

Fly fishing in the Augsburg region

During our fly fishing guidings in the Augsburg region, we’ll take you to an approximately 9 km long trout stream. This meadow stream flows partly through open terrain, along lovely meadows, and partly through wooded sections. Here we show you the local fly fishing technique for brown trout and grayling.
Additionally, you can also catch chub, barbel, carp, and sometimes even some nice looking char.

Barbel & trout fly fishing Munich

Welcome to our guided fly fishing Munich! During our one day fly fishing guidings, we show you to the most beautiful trout streams around Munich. Throughout our guiding, we will introduce you to our local fly fishing rivers and the respective fly fishing techniques to catch trout, grayling, barbel or pike. 

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