Fly fishing guiding Germany

Fly fishing guidings Germany

We offer you the widest range of fly fishing guidings in Germany!

Please fill out the questions below. Once you have sent us your guiding request, we normally answer you within 3 working days. 
As soon as we have settled all questions, we will send you a booking confirmation (plus invoice) and put you in touch with your personal guide.

For payment via a regular bank transfer – no additional costs arise. If a “Paypal” payment is desired, please remember that additional cost may arise (normally around 20 €/day). Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards.

Please make sure to send us your favourite fishing dates as soon as possible (we are often booked several months in advance)

What you need to know about German fishing licences: 
Unlike many other countries in the world, Germans need to pass an extensive fishing exam in order to fish. However, this German Fishing License (“Fischereischein”) in not mandatory for foreign citizens who have permanent residency outside of Germany. Foreigners can apply for a tourist fishing licence in certain German states and will not be required to write this exam.

Just let us know in the application form below whether you require assistance with your German tourist fishing licence. Depending on the state, costs range between 20€ to 75€. It’s always recommendable to bring your foreign fishing licence with you when fishing in Germany.

Guiding application

If you still have remaining questions don’t hesitate to contact us (via email or phone +49 160 8248792)!

We are already looking forward for your fly fishing guiding in Germany!
Your FLYRUS Team 




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